Dr Leonti Grin – Consultant, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with advanced training in Infertility and Reproductive Health.

Dr Grin completed his residency with high distinction from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Barzilai University Hospital, Israel. He is currently working as a senior M.D, infertility consultant and research coordinator in the IVF and infertility unit. During 2018-2019 he completed a combined clinical and research fellowship in reproductive medicine and in vitro activation techniques under the supervision of Prof. Kazuhiro Kawamura at the Advanced Reproductive Medicine Research Center, Japan. In addition to his clinical work Dr. Grin is a lecturer at Ben-Gurion University, faculty of health sciences, and a tutor of Ob-Gyn residents and medical students at Barzilai University Hospital and Ben-Gurion University.

These days we are well beyond “one size fits all” in infertility practice and every couple that arrives for a consultation at my clinic receives a personalized and thorough evaluation of the obstacles standing between them and their dream to become a family. I believe that every problem in infertility needs a tailored solution, combining conventional and alternative treatment modalities, and the latest and innovative methods that will lead to the desired results.

Our clinic services

Infertility treatments
– Individualized treatments and protocols according to Dr. Green’s method
– Diagnostic tests of the uterine cavity (Hysteroscopy, 3D Ultrasound)
– Diagnosis of repeated miscarriages and repeat implantation failures
– Intra-uterine insemination treatments
– IVF and ICSI
– Egg donation
– Social and medical fertility preservation plans
– #IVA (In vitro activation of ovarian follicles)


Reasons why you might be a candidate for egg freezing

1- The desire to postpone pregnancy at a young age to use the eggs in the future when your ability to become pregnant declines.

2- Undergoing pelvic surgery or medical treatment that may lead to the loss of ovarian tissue or eggs.

3- Early menopause due to genetic or genetic defects.

Male infertility treatment

– We can provide all surgical methods for sperm extraction (#TESE, #TESA)

– Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (#IMSI) – we can provide this service combined with ovarian stimulation and IVF.

Every reproductive problem needs a special plan that combines traditional and alternative treatment methods, and there are innovative methods that will lead to the result we want.

Being a father myself, I am reminded daily how privileged I am to take part in this journey. For this reason, It is extremely important to me to be not only an excellent and result-driven doctor, but to also be attentive to my patient’s needs, stay open minded to all the options available and promote healthy living, allowing for the perfect balance to assist family’s in achieving their goals.

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